Weekend #37

Ok, so once again – if you are located in Gothenburg this weekend this is your mandatory rock n roll weekend schedule:

Friday 16 Sep 2016

19.00 Cretans Birthday Bash at Blackbird.
Our beloved bass player Cretan turns 40-something and celebrates this all night at his favourite vegan restaurant and bar in Majorna (Stigbergsliden 3).
21.00 Skjul 46, Releaseparty for Bob Hund. When drunk you head down to Fiskhamnsgatan 41, just by the water next to tram stop Chapmans Torg. Damage is 100 SEK and you need to get free membership before the show at https://goo.gl/forms/86JSNoglsKLQ8UEf2. Three bands will perform Bob Hund songs and Mulle and Urban from Great Shakes will be in charge of the dance contest!

Saturday 20 Aug 2016

The weather report says Florida-sun, so head down to Jubileumsparken (Lundbyvassen), close to tram stop Frihamnen on Hisingen. Spend the day and play some boule, take a swim in the pool and visit the sauna with a panorama view. All comes with the fair price free. Lunch is best at Baban Restaurant & Grill close to the Frihamnen stop. Enjoy their falafel plate in the sun. Win!

Bildresultat för nobunnyIf you by any reason not had the chance to visit Skjul 46 last night, then you will have another shot this Saturday. From 21.00 three bands will play in this Alleycat Allnighter with Törley Sisters Nanna & Lovisa behind the records. For 100 SEK you can enjoy the amazing NOBUNNY (check it out!), Pookie & The Poodlez and local Ill Wills. But remember to become a member first at jonk.se/bli-medlem.

If NOBUNNY is too much rock n roll for you, then maybe the darkwave ladies in Growth suits you better. Brand new Klubb 8 will be your host, and the party will take place at a  secret location somewhere in the city. Stay tuned at https://www.facebook.com/events/1751693101714502/ for more info! Also, Death Hawks from Finland will perform at Truckstop Alaska if you like space-kraut and Avantgardet plus Missios/Nero at Pustervik if you like Swedish pop.

Well that is a weekend, dear friends. See you in the bar! /TOMMA INTET

Weekend #33

If you are located in Gothenburg this weekend, this is your mandatory rock n roll weekend schedule:

Friday 19 Aug 2016

After Work, 15.00-19.00. Drink spritzers/drinks because you will BYOB to…

Götaplatsen, 19.15-20.45 where Miriam Bryant performs with an orchestra. Free show! After the concert, enjoy some wine by Näckrosdammen located behind Götaplatsen, because at…
21.45, Graveyard performs songs from their new album at Götaplatsen. It’s gonna be great!

After that you get a Mini Taxi to Karlavagnsgatan 13 and Truckstop Alaska. Damage is 100 SEK and you need to get free membership before the show at www.truckstopalaska.se.

The three bands performing are all from the Bay Area in the US of A – Apache, Big Tits & Slick! Check out in Facebook event here. Curfew is a 03.00 and then you return back home after a job well done!

Saturday 20 Aug 2016

Good weather? 10.00-18.00 = Swimming/relaxing at Saltholmen
Bad water?  12.00-18.00 = ”The Night Of” on HBO. Best series in a while…

When you are back in biz, try the new vegan restaurant Blackbird at Stigbergsliden 3. They just put tufu ribs on the meny. It might be a good idea to book a table since the place usually get crowded quite early, 031-12 22 02.
At 22.00 you roll down the hill to Järntorget and Pustervik for the concert with NYC legends The Dictators. Support will be the amazing Trubbel (with TOMMA INTET representing behind the drums AND in the choir) and City Saints. Damage is 160 SEK. Last time Handsome Dick and Ross The Boss visited Gothenburg, they did a great show in front of just a handful, so expect nothing less than pure magic this evening. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

See you out on the streets /TOMMA INTET