The magic of Queen

Even if you might not define yourself as a ”Queen-fan”, you might appreciate some of the music this band did. Bohemian Rhapsody? Another one bites the dust? Don’t stop me now? But all these classics fade to nothing compared with the punk sound they had on the original version of ”We will rock you”, starting out their 1981 show in Montreal, Canada. Do watch the whole concert and whorship the memory of Farrokh Bulsara! We salute you.

Dylan and the Nobel Prize

You might have heard about Bob Dylan receiving the million dollar Nobel Prize in literature, whilst he is yet to comment on the award and recognize it. Now, it wasn’t long ago since Bob Dylan received another price out of the Swedish king’s hand – in 2000 he was awarded with the Polar Music Prize for his ”influence as a songer, singer and songwriter”. And now the world is wondering why he doesn’t like Swedish awards…